About us


At www.barvintage.es we are collectors in the first place and as collectors we try to maintain minimum quality standards. We know that within collecting there are different sensitivities and that each of us has our preferences and obsessions, this is why we try to ensure that the images of the products that we offer on our website are as descriptive as possible of the defects and virtues the articles have and that they are accompanied by a good description to reinforce it.


We are aware that there are as many types of collectors as different people are. There are collectors who prefer items that are not removed from their original packaging, others will prefer dolls without a box in good condition and others will like to models to complete or customize so we would like that this website make everyone feel included, within our means.


We are constantly learning from this exciting world of toys, which at the same time is compass of historical and social changes and we hope to make Barvintage Toys grow in variety and eras and give our grain of sand so that the history doesn't get lost and that more people can enjoy it.


Even being an online store we would like to bring that closeness that we had in stores on other times so we are here for any questions or requests.


Each of us has that Holy Grail, for us, or that article we had as children and that we are attached to that resists us. If you are looking for something in particular you can contact us. We cannot promise that we will find it but if it falls into our hands we will let you know!


We wish you a good navigation!