Grading Tables


At we always specify the defects that each item has both in the images and in the description and we do not accept major defects such as broken necks, cut hair, bitten limbs, peeled legs, serious paint defects or ripped or torn garments.


WE ARE NOT AFA CERTIFIED GRADUATORS, however below we provide a table for reference only to understand a little more the condition of the article.


TOY (Doll, figure ...)

C-10 MINT. PERFECT as fresh from the factory despite the passage of time (NRFB)

C-9 MINT. ALMOST PERFECT. With or without the original packaging but new. It has not been played with but it can present faults such as some hair that has escaped from the anchor, dust leaks, rubbers dried by time ...

C-8 EXCELLENT. Very few signs of tampering, unboxed but complete articles with no defects in the plastic nor the garments. Apparently new.

C-7 VERY GOOD. Display quality. Items that have been played but are well cared for. They don't have that crisp-out-of-the-box look or feel, but they don't have paint flaws or require laundry.

C-6 GOOD. Carefully played items that may be missing important accessories, hair may not retain its factory style, may have makeup defects and stains on garments that need to be washed but are in good condition.


The dolls and figures at are between C-6 and C-10. Our policy prevents us from having articles considered of lower number.

May be articles to complete or to be completed, like dolls without their original clothes in good condition in which case they will go in a separate category with specifications of the condition of the article and always within a minimum of quality.

My Little pony items without the box will NOT make reference to this graduation table due to the complications that these items present themselves and, where appropriate, all their defects and particularities will be described in detail in the description of each one.

The packaging, whether it is a box, blister, etc., has a separate graduation and could present defects that give the box a lower grade of C6. In that case, it will be specified in the images and in the description..




PACKAGING (Box, blister...)

C-10 PERFECT Sealed box or blister in perfect condition as fresh from the factory (Very difficult to find)

C-9 VERY GOOD Sealed box or blister in very good condition almost like new. They may have slightly worn corners.

C-8 GOOD Sealed box or blister, suitable for display but may have minor defects such as scratches at the corners, minor creases in the cardboard or pvc.

C-7 ACCEPTABLE. Sealed box or blister, unless otherwise noted, with moderate wear. They may have more severe wrinkles, tears in the cardboard, defects in the pvc. Not a perfect box for display.

C-6 NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR DISPLAY. Very worn box or blister, sealed unless otherwise specified, which may have tears, wrinkles, or other major damage such as discolorations or very yellowed pvc window. It is generally a condition not for display but for someone who wants to have the pleasure of taking the new item out of its box for use and enjoyment.


If the box has a number lower than C-6, it is no longer considered a suitable display box and in that case we will specify the defects that it presents.