Common problems in My Little Pony


Because of the way the G1 ponies were made, it is difficult to find them in perfect condition (MINT). That does not mean that they are not valid figures for display but we have to know that they are a bit delicate and that many of them have their things although apparently we can't see them in a photo. That is why detailed images reinforced by a good description explaining what the seller can see with the naked eye is important.

These characteristics and particularities can be:

-Rust on the tail: Most of the My Little Pony figures from the first generation had the tail held in place by a metal piece that could rust over time and this results in stains on the tail or rust inside the pony. The good news is that this can be fixed but for that you have to unseal the head (with hot water to soften the glue and be very careful) and open the pony to remove the tail (carefully and soften the vinyl with hot water) and change the metal piece by a plastic flange. If there is rust inside we will have to clean it well and let it dry very well.

-Smooze: Being made of a porous vinyl, sometimes the dirt could get inside the porus and survived to this day. This can usually be solved with very hot baths and oxi clean (Vanish type) but sometimes the "smooze" is persistent and does not go away so easily. Some people scratch it with a metal brush or even their fingernails. This type of restoration will be under the responsibility of each one.

-Mould: Apparently My Little Pony figures from G1 are a great habitat for microscopic life that can lie dormant for years until they find the perfect environmental conditions and thrive.

These can manifest in the form of different types of spots and in different degrees, from tiny to very severe. The best way to prevent this is to keep them in a place where there is no humidity.

-Unsealed heads: My Little Pony Generation 1 ponies used to have their heads sealed with a glue that tends to soften easily and now we have ponies with varying degrees of head fixation. From unglued heads to ponies who had their heads completely glued on and in some cases it's difficult to identify the non factory hand. However, there are collectors who take off their heads to be able to access and clean their interior and do not stick it back. Personal preferences can be very diverse.

- Impoverished tail hair: In many cases, the metallic piece of the tail could not be tightly adjusted and when the children combed the tail, hair could fall from the pony that made their tail depleted. The fix is ​​to insert another pony bait tail or hair to reroot (for those who do not mind that the hair is not exactly the same)

-Fading pink: The pink color in My Little Pony is a difficult color to maintain, both in hair and in vinyl, as it tends to lighten over time. There are very characteristic models that despite this do not lose their beauty. However, there are collectors who are bothered by this and they try their luck with the dye (under the responsibility of each one)

-Plastic leakage: This occurs when the vinyl spits out the plasticizer and the figure becomes sticky and hard. There is no way to stop this, because the degradation of plastics is unstoppable and no effective remedy has yet been discovered and the solution you have, such as wiping it with a cotton ball with alcohol, is cosmetic because it will come out again with time.

-Paint defects on the "Cutie Marks" and on the head: Very common in My Little Pony G1 especially in the "Cutie Marks" because they are in a part of the body that stands out a lot and are susceptible to friction. However, there are examples such as the case of Up Up and Away in which the paint seems to degrade by itself over time, perhaps due to the type of material used and it is difficult to find it in good condition.

Sure there are other common problems in certain models, but these are the most common problems and peculiarities that are difficult to appreciate with just an image, others such as pen stains or cut hairs are more obvious and would be seen in a good image, but being My Little Pony such a delicate item, the more information we can have on what we want to purchase, the better.