What to know before buying My Little Pony

Welcome to the world of My Little Pony!

These cute little friends are a delicate matter. Why? Because they were made in a specific and watertight way that if moisture got inside there would be fungal problems and also oxidation on the tail holding piece.

As a consequence, nowadays it is very difficult to find a MINT (perfect condition) pony but that does not mean that collectors cannot enjoy them and, depending on what cases, restore or improve their condition.

At www.barvintage.es we value the condition of the pony by we can appreciate it from the outside, trying to be as less invasive as possible. As with all the toys we have on this website, in most cases we cannot know where the ponies have been previously and what manipulations they have suffered.

Originally, the G1 ponies had their heads glued to their bodies. Many of them still maintain it but others may have been glued afterwards, which is sometimes noticeable but in some cases it may be impossible for us to know and therefore to notice in the advertisement of the article.

Unless there are obvious signs of rust stains at the base of the tail, we have no way of knowing if the clamping piece of the tail is rusted or if the body has rust inside, because for this we would have to remove the head of the piece and break the seal and that is a manipulation that we do not do.

In www.barvintage.es we promise to give a detailed description of the condition in which the pony is according to what we can see with the naked eye, but we are not responsible for hidden defects that require more invasive techniques to find out such as cited in the previous points.

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