Common problems in Monster High

Monster High are relatively new and when they were launched many fashion doll fabrication problems were solved. However, there are some issues worth mentioning:

-The fragility of their limbs: Monster Highs are very articulated and poseable but their joints are also thin and removable so we have to be careful not to break them or loose them.

-Sticky hair: Some Monster Highs models such as some Clawdeens, for example, can have hair with a sticky texture like some Barbie dolls from around 2013. This is because of the way they were made, because glue was put inside the head to prevent them from losing hair when combing them but this glue eventually comes off leaving that kind of sticky patina on the hair.

-Worn Velcro: The type of Velcro that the garments of this time have, on the one hand it was much more appropriate to the scale of the dolls because it was ultra-flat, but on the other hand this kind of velcro was worn out pretty fast and sometimes there is no other choice but to change it for a correct closure of the garment.

Sure there are other common problems in certain models, but these are the most common problems and peculiarities that are , sometimes difficult to appreciate with just an image, others such as pen stains or cut hairs are more obvious and would be seen in a good photograph, but the more information we can have on what we are going to purchase the better.