Toys and Trinkets

As we were approaching a few days ago, we have been updating our website to accommodate the two sections of articles from the Barvintage family, which for the moment are Barvintagetoys and Barvintagetrinket. You already know that we love objects that tell stories from the past and we quickly discovered that with the "toys", for which we feel real passion, but about a year ago we decided to expand the family a bit to introduce our "trinkets". But what is a trinket? Well, they are those jewels that, because they do not have too high an economic value, everyone can afford. They are small vintage whims that carry a story behind them and, most of them, a careful elaboration. And, if you like to know the history of the articles that you can find in you can visit our blogs. You already knew our "toyblog:... well now you also have the "trinketblog" at your disposal, because we learn every day and we like to share it with you.