Tuesday is today

First it was Tiffany Taylor, a 50-centimeter doll created by Ideal with a beautiful face mold, a well-shaped body and a rotating piece on the top of the head that made her change from blonde to brunette in a second and so she became popular.

Tiffany lived between 1974 and 1976 but in her last year they realized that things were not working well and they created Tuesday, more manageable and Barbie sized, although the 70s were not the best time for the queen of the fashion dolls, it was better to have the same size and to be able to share clothes because if not, was very difficult to break through in Barbie's market niche.

Designed by Judith Albert and with Vincent J. DeFilippo as master sculptor in charge of their beautiful sculptures, the Taylors were quintessentially 70's and even had eyelashes though, unlike the mod-era Barbie dolls that had Charlotte Johnson's patented rooted eyelashes, these ones were small plastic filaments glued to the eyelid line.

Tuesday Taylor had a boyfriend, Eric, an African American friend, Taylor Jones and a sister Dodi as parallels with Ken, Christie and Skipper in the Barbie line. Also among their playsets there was a spectacular very 70s "Penthouse" but, unfortunately, it all ended at within the decade and, although Mattel released Barbie Jam & Glam twenty years later without much fuss and with the same rotating piece, Tiffany and Tuesday were the ones that wore that original Ideal patent that left them with their hair messy and stuck in the mechanism waiting for some collector to take pity and rescue them years later.