Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn's childhood was full of abuse, foster families and situations that would mark her life forever. For this reason, little Norma Jean acquired a great ability to fly with her mind and escape from reality. Perhaps thanks to this, she dreamed so big that she became one of the greatest Hollywood stars of all time, although the lack of love, protection and company left an indelible mark that would always accompany her. She suffered sexual abuse and was married at the age of 16 to a neighbor, the young Jim Dougherty, but the marriage lasted only 4 years as Norma Jean soon began the career that would lead her to become Marilyn Monroe when a photographer who was looking for models to raise the Troop morale discovered her during World War II. This career was not exempt from abuses and "wolves", as she called them, on whom the "obtaining" of the roles depended, the first in 1947 at the hands of 20th Century Fox in the film "Dangerous Years". After some secondary roles came the leading roles and eventually titles as recognized as "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" or "The Seven Year Itch" with its iconic white dress scene. Little by little, the icon shaped by her sensuality, her traumas and her marriages with Joe Di Maggio and Arthur Miller was born, but also by an overwhelming personality with great intelligence and curiosity that the public would only realize posthumously. Marilyn was a wonderful comedian but her talent was huge so her desire was always to do drama and even to play Shakespeare. She founded his own production company and studied at night everything that she couldn't study in her childhood and youth. She loved literature and left us a great legacy of poems and letters that show us her most intimate and personal side. She overcame several miscarriages and treated her childhood traumas and her mental health with psychiatric doctors, including Ralph Greenson who ended up integrating her into his family nucleus, but Marilyn's wounds were deep and her suffering was too great. She died officially by suicide on August 4, 1962 at 36. The cause was officially a suicide but the fact that at that time she had been involved in an affair with the Keneddy brothers wrapped her death in so many questions that are still being unraveled today. O, Time Be kind. Help this weary being To forget what is sad to remember. Loose my loneliness, Ease my mind, While you eat my flesh Marilyn Monroe