Made in Taishan... Taiwan

Whether for nostalgia or beauty, Barbie Made in Taiwan dolls have that special halo that leaves no one indifferent.

Perhaps, as in cooking, the secret ingredient was the love with which they were made. Made in Taiwan Barbie dolls came from Mattel manufacturing plant at Taishan district (Taipei) the Meining plant. This factory was open from 1967 to 1987, it produced half of the Barbie dolls that were sold all over the planet and employed one third of the inhabitants of Taishan also known as Barbie's hometown who saw their destinies intertwined with this plant. Apparently the company offered better conditions than others in the area, good food, accommodation, language classes and a better salary, although less than the sale price of a single doll.

A large part of the staff were women who were reputed to be as beautiful as the #dolls they made, so many single men in town came to see them after work which made lots of couples in addition to those formed inside the factory.

In 1987 its doors were closed, because Mattel took the production to other places in China and Asia with cheaper costs, but it left the whole district touched economically and nostalgic of the Barbie factory time to the point that they continued applying their knowledge and making costumes for Barbie until today, and tried to keep alive the Barbie flame that made the district grow so much by opening the Museum of the Dolls of Taishan.