Jala by Esprit

In 2000 the fashion brand Esprit expanded the bussiness to other segments, among them #toys, and Jala Esprit was born all dressed in Esprit clothes. Jala means brightness in arabic and she has the looks of a diverse girl of mixed heritage with a beautiful tan tone, chestnut hair and blue eyes framed with a thin brows in tune with the 2000 style. She's a good embassador for a brand that always has represented diverse people in its campaigns. She's different than Barbie, has smaller chest, thicker waist, narrow hips and pretty long torso. The name marked on her back is Remus, pressumably the manufacturer, and she has certain weight and quality in your hands. Her clothes are of great quality, they are real mini jeans and are cute alone but the t-shirt is very narrow and it's difficult to put it on her without and not damage it with the velcro. And as for Esprit was born first as Plain Jane at the end of the 60s in San Francisco at hands of Doug and Susie Tompkins, a couple who in 1966 had opened a shop in San Francisco with mountain material known as the NorthnFace. After selling it Susie had the idea of doing cheap and simple dresses and Doug made it big with his marketing ideas with an environmental and social conciousness ever present, but was in the 80s when Esprit really grew with artists like JohnbCasado for the logo or Oliviero Toscani for their campaigns: “I mean the clothes, they were nothing! She would just go to Europe and copy. Doug and I had great ideas, great energy, great images – even if we didn’t have a great product. I said let’s do this: I wanted this energy with real people, girls we find in schools, not models. No makeup. We go out we improvise, we see what happens.” Oliviero Toscani Over time the bussiness expanded to Europe and Asia and it went well, so well that over time the firm expanded into other fields such as toys among others such as cosmetics or decoration and Jala is the small testimony of this.