Stars in the 90s

In 1992, one of the most successful Barbie lines of the 90s, was launched: Hollywood Hair Barbie.

The line featured dolls with extra-long saran hair and gold stars in their wardrobe. Something would have to do with the line being called Hollywood and Barbie having the star treatment but if we look back at fashion and stop at 1991, the year in which this line was designed in order to be launched the following year, we will realize that was the year in which Escada, one of the leading fashion firms of the moment, filled its models with golden stars.

Escada had been founded in the 70s by the couple formed by Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley. She was a Swedish model who, in her youth, had worked for Dior and Jacques Fath in addition to having a tailoring training and who had the idea of ​​bringing the Haute Couture to the public with a fashion at "affordable" prices that was characterized, among other things, by its colorful designs, applications, embroidery and gold work that were adopted by the general public between the mid 80s and early 90s and an ultra-feminine style represented by the tops of the moment, Yasmeen Ghauri, Tatjana Patitz or Claudia Schiffer. No wonder she conquered celebrities like Lady Di or Silvia of Sweden.

Unfortunately Margaretha died in 1992 and the company had to continue without her, but her person had, undoubtedly, an impact on the fashion scene and her designs are unmistakable and representative of the purest essence of that time.

The five-pointed stars, or #pentacles, symbols of man in balance with the elements and the harmony of body and spirit, filled their models just a year before her death and will live forever in the memory of those of us who were children in the 90's through this Barbie line that, far from being just another, is full of meaning and manages to capture an entire era in which Margaretha Ley had a lot to tell through her fashion.

by The Barbiest