The Alan facemold

In the 90s it seems that Ken had an identity crisis and ended up stealing the mold from his best friend Alan who had made his comeback with one less "l" in his name. After a slumber of more than two decades, he returned to marry Midge with a brand new mold that left behind his image of "Beach Boy" of the 60s and the public fell in love with this more mature image. What if that handsome face had stayed with Alan? Would Alan have been more successful than Ken? And it is that Midge had a new Rockstar mold, Diva, and had become a red-haired goddess so, for the occasion, the boyfriend had to match... and he did. After such a good reception the solution was clear, give Alan's mold to Ken, the man with a thousand faces, and on that basis make modifications that gave very attractive faces such as Ken Hollywood Hair or Ken Pretty Hearts, also known among the collectors like the Tom Cruise mold, but they were regressing as the new millennium approached and turned the caucasian version of Ken into a kind of prince with hair implants. The mold that gave Ken such glorious days was "burned" and Barbie had to find a new boyfriend, Blaine that did not last either. Alan reappeared in the Happy Family line with another mold and afterwards, he disappeared to not to return ... and Ken ... well ... in the current line of Barbie we can find many types of bodies and diversity, which is very positive, but ... does anyone recognize the essence of Ken among them?