And it's that in 1986 Barbie and The Rockers went to a concert in the Space but on returning to the Earth something went wrong and they appeared in 1959 becaming Barbie and the Sensations, a band dressed in an attempt of 50s style. All the characters names except Barbie changed by another one beginning with a "b" but in the movie Ken remained blond and Derek brunette so...who was that Bobby character launched in France inside the european Bibops (Barbie and the Sensations) line? Bobby was... not precisely a "Beach Boy" like the first Ken. Once in the box his hair may had been under control but then it went sauvage and Bobby became "El Puma", a popular venezuelan actor and singer well known in Spain and Southamerica, among other things, for his impressive mane of hair. Aside of his remarkable reddish hair he shared the mold of the Barbie and the Rockers Ken, maybe not the stereotypical, but with a handsome and shortlived 80s mold that, gave Ken an image more mature and therefore "dangerous", and therefore shortlived like happened with Shani's Jamal. The boys in Barbie's life must be like the angels and some lines can't be crossed so this facemold with a closed mouth was only used for Bobby, Ken and the Rockers and Ken Jewel Secrets . But returning to this rare Bobby guy he was much more like a glam star than like a 60s rockabilly. With his style and shines makes us 80s children hearts to go back in time to our childhoods when the music and the glitter filled our days and made us want to replicate what we breathed and saw on TV with our dolls. There were years of change and, in our Spain, freedom at last after many years of dictatorship. A freedom that young people embraced and expressed through La Movida, a movement born in Madrid's night that extended to other spanish cities. But at the end in Spain or France the 80s were the 80s in its uniqueness and Bobby is the proof.