Barbie Superstar, making an icon

The Superstar Barbie facemold always has been one of the most beloved and famous. It responded to a change of the society in the 70s and a difficult time at Mattel due to the oil crisis that affected the plastic production and that asked for something that improved the sales. Vox Populi always says that she was inspired by Farrah Fawcett but, while Mattel always has admitted that images of the models and actresses of the moment faces hanged on the sculptors walls for inspiration, never has been confirmed officially that Superstar was directly inspired by the Charlie's Angel. Nonetheless Carol Spencer did admit that the hair of Gold n Glamour was inspired in the Farrah in her book Dressing Barbie but she only speaks about the hair. Anyway I had read in several places, like the book of M.G. Lord Forever Barbie among others, that Superstar facemold had been sculpted by Joyce Clark but I had not find further info about the subject until now. Sadly or by luck obituaries on internet tend to be a very useful tool for these matters where people writes beautiful things and Joyce Clark friends and family did write beautiful things about her like: "...Whatever the conversation, she was right there with curiousity and humility. She was an artist through and through and a better model of 'Superstar Barbie' than the one she sculpted for Mattel" So if Martha Armstrong-Hand was Steffie facemold author, Joyce Clark is no less being the artist who modelled Superstar. And ¿who dressed the iconic Barbie doll? Well as you know Barbie Superstar was worn with several dresses but two names are credited for her most iconic looks, Carol Spencer and Janet Goldblatt. Carol explains her amazing sparklig pink dress design with a white fur boa and sequin cap in her book Dressing Barbie: "I designed a pink knit gown with a silver thread woven through it, toped by sequined strips and accessories with a feather boa and a glittering sequined evening hat" ...while Janet Goldblatt designed the first pink dress with the pink and metallic thread lace boa: "When I designed Barbie Superstar, I wanted her to embody the beauty of Hollywood. I imagined her walking the pink carpet in her hot pink dress and stole, ready to receive the Oscar."