Hey Q Posket!

Because we love Q Posket we're incorporating them into our family!

These figurines take the kawai style to the next level. They were born in 2014 by the hand of the Japanese company Banpresto that was already subsidiary of Bandai and they represent anime and film characters, especially Disney princesses with those large eyes so characteristic of Manga. A Manga that drank from a Disney that was source of inspiration for Osamu Tezuka, author of Astro Boy and considered the father of the modern Manga, who took, among other things, those big eyes from Western drawings and also laid the foundations for shõjomanga (manga for girls) with The Princess Knight.

With a chibi style that is characterized by large heads and eyes on smaller bodies that give a childlike appearance and with all the details and their bright colors, Q Posket figures, take us to the flavors of an afternoon of tea and cakes that could be perfectly crowned by them because their cake topper format makes them ideal for that.

The best of these figures, that usually come in three pieces to assemble, are their details, for example those little sculpted legs coming out of their petticoats are top.

It may not be a vintage toy, by now, but it is proof that good things are also made today.

by The Barbiest