Welcome to Monster High!

Maybe it made sense to play with realistic dolls when life at the end of the 20th century was prosperous and the future looked promising, but in the early 2000s, as we all know, a great crisis hit the world. Would children want to pretend to be like their concerned parents or would they prefer to get into the fantasy world provided by those monster dolls?
Welcome to Monster High!

And it is that in 2010, when the Monster High project began, the world was no longer pink and instead darkness had to be mixed with color to seduce a generation of children who saw their differences represented in their little monsters through the stories created by Lisi Harrison, the author of the book saga, and they were able to materialize them in their games through the dolls that Mattel created.
The story takes place in the Monster High institute where the children of famous monsters study and mix with other teenagers who have nothing to do with the world of terror and there the teenage problems topic is served.

The original idea came from Garrett Sander of Mattel's packaging department who had a great epiphany with the line and made the jump to production design. Three years passed from the conception of the idea to its launchment in 2010 and as a result these dolls, sons and daughters of famous monsters were born like characters such as Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Operetta, or Rochelle Goyle, highly articulated and each one with different personality, skin color and pet. Who wouldn't want a griffin?

At the end Ruth Handler was right when she said that "girls don't want to play at being mothers, they want to play at being older girls" because the line that was targeted to fill a pre-adolescent niche began to appeal younger children to the point that Mattel had to make Monsters simpler and with fewer pieces to prevent the little ones from swallowing them, but it also hit the world of adult collectors and proof of this is the new collection Skullector line from Monster High that Mattel has launched after they discontinued the playline ... Sold out!