Barbie and... Versace.

With Sea Holidays line Barbie goes... Versace?!?

People are beginning to remember the 90s and therefore to apreciate the good things those years brought us, among them, fashion and when we talk about 90s fashion we have to talk about Gianni Versace.

The italian designer was born in Reggio Calabria where he grew with his siblings Tina (dead at 10), Donatella and Santo. Their mother had a Fashion Atelier so Gianni began to help her at a young age and, although he studied architecture, he soon put his soul in fashion and, through it, spread to the world that part of the Mediterranean so influenced by classic cultures from which he took elements like Medusa and the "grecas". Of course Versace was synonimous of baroque and ostentation, things that conquered celebrities and socialités.

He fell in love with South Beach so much that in 1992 he bought his villa Casa Casuarina and the hotel next to the house to reform both. The result was that he converted the beach neighborhood in a place of fashion and celebrities though shortlived due to his assassination at the same house in 1997. From that on another part of Versace history with Donatella as the head of the house began.

So what all this has to do with Barbie? Mattel always have said that they took inspiration in the fashion and model's of each time for Barbie and we have enough proof in Barbie fashion packs like Haute Couture and dolls like Sea Holiday that Versace was one of the favorites. If we take a look on the spring summer Versace runway show of 1992 we can see the beach fashions with printed starfishes, shells and corals above jackets, shirts and bathing suits of solid and vivid colors and mixed with the good dose of gold that characterized Versace back then.

So the bolero jackets, the saturated colors, the opulence, the golden accessories, the whimsical sea printed patterns and the cropped tops make Barbie Sea Holiday line bring us a vibe very Versace.

It's not that I hate pink, but things always gets more interesting when Barbie wears other colors.